Our enterprise philosophy is based on our hope for aunited Europe, open to the outside – without national restrictions, with the same chances for all citizens of our continent.
CCCE stands for innovativeand lasting draughts, like since 1993 in cooperation with Italian schools, EDUCATIONAL BEARERS and universities carried out STAGE – and LINGUISTIC COURSE SEMINARS. During 6 years we pursued a PC-training space. By order of the German adult educational work (DEB). We have developed training draughts oriented to participant for the IT area in this time.

We have developed IT training draughts oriented to participants in this time. From 2004-2007 we were involved as scientific employees with BQN, a research project of the BMBF and were besides the concept and planning of part projects responsible for evaluation, web site and the fiscal controlling. We developed a transferrable evaluationtool on MS Excel base. Since 20 years we plan, organise and carry out our "Stage seminars" with Italian schools and educational institutions. We consult and accompany enterprises in the area of Data protection and quality management and support founders of a new business with the conversion of their ideas.