about us

In 1993 CCCE was founded by Siegfried Kärle and Stefan Lederer, to support Europe-involved enterprises with their projects, the necessary but complicate EU applications -procedure and the realisation and organisation of these projects. Our services and training seminars were soon complemented with an enlarged achievement spectrum all around the subjects Education, Consulting and Project management for enterprises and public facilities

  • Today we develop educational draughts, trainings, trainings and Coachings, carry out and organise since 1993 Stage-seminars for vocational schools and Liceen in cooperation with schools and universities from Italy and the USA.
  • We support small and medium sized enterprises in in the field of corporate management, take over the work of the external data protection representative as a service provider and accompany enterprise as an external quality manager representative up to the certification after German Institute for Standardization ISO in 9001.
  • since 2009 we carry out industrial security trainings (TRG280, TRR100, TRAC, BGR 500; BGR 120) for industrial enterprise.
  • As a route inspector we examine your bicycle distant ways and check them according to the German Cycling Club criteria for "German Cycling Club-high-class wheel routes".
  • As auditors we examine by order of German Cycling Club Bavaria certificated Bett+Bike hotels.
  • In 2012 the Technical University Georg-Simon-Ohm gave to us a teaching assignment in the language centre for international students.