Where to live

Host Family:
Living with Host Parents is an excellent way to be fully immersed in German Culture in Nuremberg from the people who know it best. This accommodation includes a private room in the house with the selected Host Parents, and full integration into family life. The Host Parents provide and prepare all meals: Breakfast, Lunch and a German family dinner in the evening. All Host Families live in close proximity to the city center and have close and direct connections to the public transportation system in Nuremburg.

(Private or Shared)
For those who prefer private housing or housing shared with friends/other students, CCCE will organize a fully furnished and equipped apartment. During the planning for a Stage Seminar in Germany CCCE will provide all guests with detailed information and pictures about the variety of apartments available, in order to satisfy any wishes about the living situation, until the perfect solution is found.
Hotel rooms are also an option of accommodation

City of Nuremberg
Nuremberg – as a lively city of about half a million inhabitants, with a visible history of almost one thousand years. Nuremberg – as a city "of wit", where inventiveness and the researchers' curiosity have found a home. Nuremberg – as a high performance economic location. Nuremberg – as an open, tolerant city with a very high quality of life. And Nuremberg – as the centre of a European metropolitan region with 2.5 million citizens.

See also: https://www.nuernberg.de/internet/portal_e/index.htm