We offer working security instructions as they are demanded of the working security order. The employer must instruct his employees regularly and enough about security and health protection in the job. Employers and responsible people are often too busy so that the instruction of the employees can be integrated hardly into their working processes. We offer :

  • the technical preparation to the subject TRG 280 (Technical rules of compressed gas containers), to the subjects TRAC (Technical rules acetylene) and TRR 100 (Technical receiver order – conduits) among other things
  • the didactic processing after the most modern methods
  • the realisation of the instruction or we prepare you if you  want to hold an instruction by youself.

Target group:

  • employees who serve compressed gas arrangements within the scope of her activity.
  • The employees who work with acetylene.

data protection:

Mr. Siegfried Kärle feels responsible to all questions to the data protection. He has acquired to BDSG §4 II 1 necessary technical instruction as a data protection representative within the scope of his continuing education.
Target group:

  •     emlpoyees


For enterprise and their employee we develop  training draughts which support the motivation and communication ability (download) from unqualified employees with migration background with A lasting effect. These modular trainings close to company are directed after the Bedarfen of the enterprise and lead by the improvement of the general linguistic competence and the specialised competence to a higher productiveness, to the reduction of committee production and to the improvement of the security in the job. It is an aim,


  • To lower mistake rates within the production process and to raise the quality of the products and production processes
  • to improve the communicative abilities and possibilities of the employees and
  • to enable them for the group work and for the continuous improvement process (KVP)
  • to improve the security in the job
  • to guarantee the conversion of ecological directives within the production.

The employees of the enterprises are enabled by lessons oriented to action, close to job


  • * to explain job-related processes understandably
  • * To understand work routines, working instructions as well as test regulations and
       high-class regulations and
  • * to recapitulate
  • * To read place descriptions and job specifications and to understand and to describe
       operations with own words
    * To explain disturbances understandably and understandably
    *to communicate in team discussions

It is not a matter in the described qualification measure of providing the participant high German written language. Learning target is rather to express itself unmistakably in the concrete working execution. The qualification offer encloses a total of 100 teaching hours.